Stephanie Sterling, Scent-Sations Senior DirectorHi, I’m Stephanie Sterling & thanks for stopping by to learn more about our home based business with natural wax candles.   I’m delighted you’re here, and look forward to meeting you.  If you have questions, please let me know.  Since 1998 I’ve earned my primary income as a home based entrepreneur, and have spent 15 years helping thousands of men and women become successful entrepreneurs in their home based business.

So, chances are you’re looking for a business with natural wax, gourmet candles, right?

And you’re looking for a solution, exploring what your options are, and wondering if a business with candles might be a good fit, and what you’ve been looking for. 

You can learn what I’m doing by visiting me here.

So, please allow me to ask you a few questions:

Are You … 

  • In an industry that’s taken a hit from the economy
  • Recently laid-off, or wondering if you’ll be next
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Trying to get rid of a never-ending nightmare of debt
  • Retired, but now have to work part-time to survive
  • Wondering how to finance your retirement
  • Not able to have fun or take a real vacation
  • Working more hours, leaving less time for your family

Or, do you already have a home business in Direct Sales or Network Marketing, and things just haven’t been working out as well as you had hoped?

Well, whether you’re looking for a a better opportunity, or just getting started & trying to find a way to earn some extra income to you’re to supplement your household, replace your current job, or design an incredible lifestyle, I’m here to support you and help you accomplish your goals.

Our company & team make it possible for people to create security, confidence, and peace of mind every day though our solid, profitable, and fun home based business.

We offer you a fun, unique and rewarding home business

  • Get into profits quickly, even your very first week.
  • Affordable start up cost ( with products to earn your investment back).
  • A step-by-step Training Academy & action plan.  (What we do is not complicated, in fact it’s super-simple.)
  • High-demand, unique, patented products, priced so the average person can afford them (so you make money).
  • Consumable Productsre-orders, and referrals.  (It doesn’t get any more viral than when your customers text their before & after photos to friends!)
  • Mentors & coaches with a 19 years of  success coaching thousands of men & women to be successful in a home business.
  • sponsor who answers their phone, is available, and cares about your success.
  • team to support you that combines several decades of success & experience, and offers you resources, proven tips, strategies & ideas to grow your business.

Then, please gather all the facts I’m about to share with you!

Our Home-Based Business has a focus on consumable products that are centered around lifestyle trends and we’re changing lives every day.  Our company & products make it possible for ordinary people to literally “Create Their Freedom” by building a stable, profitable and fun home-based business.

Think what it would be like if YOU truly had FREEDOM – time freedom AND money freedom – Dream BIG!   Hold on to those thoughts and I’ll show you how we can help you achieve those dreams.  We’re helping others just like you do it; we’d love to help you too!

  • If you’re looking for a legitimate home business with a company and team that’s honest and credible … in other words, a solid product, solid pay plan, strong management team, and a business that will be here next week, next year and for years to come …
  • If you’re looking for a business that’s affordable to start up and run, that has products people … want, use, re-order again and again and actually send referrals of others asking to buy your products, a business where you can actually make money whenever, and where ever you want …
  • If you’re looking for support and training from someone who has already built a successful home business, and a team that’s dedicated to your success, that thrives on helping others achieve what they want in a home business, someone that’s here to help you accomplish your goals … 

My top goal is to help everyday people who want more out of life and simply need the right home business, company, product and training and support and a mentor to help them achieve it.

“…at-home workers have more free time and disposable money
for recreation and vacation time than
clock-punchers and Americans at large.”
~ Entrepreneur Magazine

To learn more about what I do, please visit me here


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